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Attention Grabbing Videos

Sample Videos

These sample videos are only a small representation of the videos I custom-make. I am open to creating videos for most topics and for any purpose…memoirs, family and pets, businesses, vacations, weddings, memorials, and more. The only video I do not make are those in person with the video camera. I do however, edit these types of videos. Thanks for looking and contact me via email or the contact form below.

See Pricing to purchase templates outright for create-your-own videos. For customized videos, the prices listed are only suggested prices and might vary depending on your customization needs. All details are discussed and an agreed upon price is set before any work starts. All work is pre-paid with a guarantee of satisfaction.

Satisfied Customer Deliverables

This is an actual video created for a client. Permission has been granted to showcase it on my website for you to see the type of family video you can order.

Let's Get In Touch

Let me know what you're media needs are and I'll be in touch in 24 hours if not before!

Orchid Otter Media