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Mobile-First Websites

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Websites Built First for Mobile and Then PCs

How often do you design a website for a desktop or laptop and then…oh crap…I need mobile too! And when you start to modify for mobile, taking into account phones and tablets, you hit a formatting brick wall. Ouch right? It is painful.

Did it with this exact website. And it was frustrating. This site is created using WordPress. And I am a WordPress supporter. I have designed many websites with WordPress. But with the introduction of smaller mobile devices, hasn’t it become a pain? Go ahead you can admit it…it HAS!

SO, what to do? Well, I found  this neat, new concept to building websites that allows EASY website creation for both mobile AND desktop!

Easily Created...Looks Great on Mobile & PCs

New Design Concept

Design the mobile first and the desktop organically follows. Is it perfect? No, but it is infinitely easier than designing the desktop first and then trying to fit the mobile to what is a LARGER format with better “real estate” design area.

In the following examples, the first image shows how the website looks on a phone (the mobile-first concept). The second image shows how the corresponding website looks on a personal computer or laptop.

The website for mobile is built first and as it is being built it is automatically adjusted for full screen size. For modern websites, it is easier to build small and then go bigger rather than build big and go small.

Check these out. You get a great looking website on both mobile and desktop while keeping all your hair intact!

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