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FTC Compliance

The following describes the Federal Trade Commission Compliance for An Orchid Otter website (henceforth known as “the website”).

An Orchid Otter makes every effort to be candid about the products and services used, recommended, and mentioned on the website. The website attempts to clearly point out An Orchid Otter’s products and services from those provided by third parties. Likewise, as a legitimate business, An Orchid Otter might profit from the sale of its own products and services, it might also profit from the sale of other business’s products and services.

Additionally, wherever products and services might be a source of income generation, the website strives to provide realistically factual data and to highlight the facts about the numerous and uncontrollable variables that impact results. Therefore, no guarantees are in any way made. It is the website’s goal to embrace the guidelines and requirements of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the benefit of all. With that in mind, the following disclosures are made regarding compensation and disclaimers are made regarding earnings and income.

Note that material connections might not be made obvious and known at every advertisement or affiliate link. To be safe, you should assume there is a connection and that An Orchid Otter might receive compensation in money or otherwise for anything you purchase as a result of visiting the website, and also that An Orchid Otter might be paid by you clicking any link.

One or more parties affiliated or associated with the website in some way might be an Amazon affiliate. This means that links to products on, as well as reviews leading to purchases, can result in a commission being earned. No additional cost is imposed on you when purchasing. Disclosure of this connection and the potential for compensation might not be made on each possible opportunity. Assume there is an affiliate connection and potential for compensation at all times. This does not imply preferential or biased reviews, but full disclosure requires this statement be made.


Assume that An Orchid Otter might be compensated for purchases of products or services mentioned on the website that are not created, owned, licensed, or in any way materially controlled by the website. So, it is understood that individuals make a living by way of the profit remaining after all costs associated with providing a product or service are calculated and deducted from the total price. If someone does not understand that a third-party might be affiliated with someone else’s products or services and be compensated by the sale of said product or service, compare it to retailers. Retailers usually make money by connecting the creators of products and services with consumers in need of that product or service.


You can only count on yourself to look after your interests. So, do your own research into offers and opportunities, to the extent that you are comfortable. By doing your own due diligence prior to making any purchase of any product or service from the website.

  1. Always operate from the position that any website proprietor, including An Orchid Otter, has a material connection to the product or service provider, and might be compensated as a result of your purchase unless expressly stated otherwise. Aside from your purchases, note that even your actions could result in earnings for this website. For instance, there could be ads displayed on this the website that we are compensated for displaying whenever a website visitor clicks on them.
  2. To the extent that we have every interest in positively furthering our business relationship with you, we certainly desire to share only those offerings that we believe will benefit you. Just because we are not the founder or originator of the product or service, we are not going to withhold knowledge of this offering from you. If you can get some benefit from it, regardless of whether or not you’ve taken advantage of our own products and/or services, we want you to do well. Thus, we make a good faith effort to only present to you items that we either personally use, have actually tried, or else have faith in the reputation of the provider or concept. You can count on us making this determination based on all relevant and applicable information at the time of the recommendation.
  3. Despite the fact that it would be counterproductive to mention products or services that you’ll find disappointing or inferior, not only are people different, but it’s also possible for us to have a lapse in judgment. Thus, to be extra cautious, even if you believe in our good faith motives, you may as well go ahead and keep in mind that we could be at least partially influenced by the monetization factor of listing various products or services on our LeapFrog Creatives website. Furthermore, in that vein, the reality is that there are sometimes other connections between parties that are not monetary, such as personal capital, goodwill, or otherwise, that could be an underlying undercurrent swaying the decision to promote a particular offering. Due to this hypothetical possibility, you should again simply nor rely solely on what we have to say, but rather just form your own independent opinion just to be safe.
  4. Bear in mind that An Orchid Otter might also receive free products or services, gifts, or review copies of items too.


Testimonials about the outcome or performance of using any product or service are provided as a guideline to allow you to understand it. While every effort is made to ensure they are factually honest, An Orchid Otter is not liable for errors and omissions. Aside from human error, some information may be provided by third parties, customers, and product and service providers. The best results are, at times, correlated with the best efforts, diligence, discipline, etc, so the results are not, in any way, to be construed as typical, common, normal, or expected, or to be associated with the average user’s experience with any given product or service. Exceptional results might be highlighted and you are responsible for understanding that atypical outcomes might not reflect your experience. Products and services change over time. Older products might lose market effectiveness. Newer products might not have a reliable results record.

Where products or services pertain to earning money, apply the same precautions about the use of testimonials. Additionally, any related income figures are highly specific to the individual or entity producing the results. There is no assurance that you will be able to leverage the same or similar products or services to achieve comparable results. The results are real but might be an accumulation of a number of favorable circumstances that would be difficult to duplicate, so you must proceed knowing that your outcome can differ from any on the website.

Professional Consultation

Many products and services are designed to solve problems. This includes medical, legal, and financial. An Orchid Otter is in no way counseling you on issues related to health, law, or finances. For guidance in these areas, you should secure your own counsel from medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, tax professionals, or investment advisors before taking any action. Nothing communicated by An Orchid Otter, in print or by the spoken word, is or will ever be intended to constitute any such counsel. An Orchid Otter does not claim to be professionals in any of the above-mentioned disciplines or any others not mentioned here. You assume all risk for actions taken, damages sustained, losses incurred, or other issues resulting from your use of any product or service connected with or mentioned on the website. Any decision is solely your own or in union with the professional advisor of your choice.

Use Of Products & Services

The following are facts you should be advised of if you intend to contract for any products or services from An Orchid Otter:

The prices for products and services change over time. The prices of staples and basic commodities change, and many factors including supply and demand, sales and other customer purchasing incentives, and more impact the price of end-products. Price and value are relative. Product improvements, market saturation, technology, innovations, and numerous other factors are also price influencers. It is impossible to define the correct price for a product or service. Willing buyers and sellers (determining market demand) influence the price at any given time. You accept the fact that your purchase reflects your own conclusion of value at the time of purchase, and that the price might increase or decrease in the future.

The outcome you experience is dependent on many factors. Attitude and aptitude contribute to success with products and services in all niches. Circumstances, innate ability, experience, personality, time commitments, education, intelligence, and perseverance are just a few factors. Given the plethora of interrelated variables, there is no way to reasonably predict your specific outcome with any degree of reliability or certainty.

Income-Producing Products & Services

These are also subject to the above cautions. However, there are additional factors. Income-producing methods are influenced by the overall economy you are operating in. During times of liquidity, money flows freely and commerce is better. In times of perceived scarcity, recession, depression, etc, commerce is low. Results are influenced by market sentiment and the news.

Income-producing products & services purchased should just be viewed as purchases. They can be business investments, however, it is not unreasonable to expect that there might not be an express return on investment. Business success utilizes many methods, strategies, factors, and so on. It is hard to associate success with any one method. This does not undermine the value of any given product or service. You should assume that your outcome from using the product or service might have no positive impact on your business. An Orchid Otter makes no guarantees. You should only risk what you can afford to lose on any purchase at or through the website and An Orchid Otter.

Earning & Income

Based on all of the factors above and the very nature of income-producing products and services, there is no way to guarantee results of any kind. Accordingly, An Orchid Otter declares with a positive affirmation that it makes no guarantees as to your earnings & income of any kind or amount, at any time.

As with any business endeavor or investment, past performance is no guarantee or predictor of future performance. Any testimonials or other representations of results are for illustrative purposes only and, though every effort is made to ensure they’re factually honest, they are not intended to imply or insinuate what is likely to happen with you. Your reliance on them as such is not advised.

It should be noted that “earnings & income” is so phrased with specific intent. Income might be typical of the earnings most are either seeking to achieve or are accustomed to, earnings can come in other forms, including non-monetary. These include those that are intangible and/or abstract and are not readily converted to currency or a common exchange. Therefore, note that all manner of compensation, including earnings of a non-income and beneficial form, are covered by these provisions.

Affiliates & Other Third Parties

It should also be noted that An Orchid Otter only has control over and only accepts responsibility for the content of the website authored by An Orchid Otter. Any representations made by others is considered at first appearance to be unauthorized. You can also read, hear about, and in other methods come into contact with commentary about any of the products, services, and offerings on the website and should assume those have likewise not been authorized.

While you can find information in any form and at any time regarding the products and services on the website, there might be times when this comes from other relationships. That is, An Orchid Otter might permit the products and services to be marketed through other websites, businesses, individuals, and other methods and vendors to make available what is offered.

You should not construe a third-party offer for any product and service to be an endorsement by that third-party. You should view it as an offer to buy something. Likewise, as previously referenced, An Orchid Otter cannot fully control all marketing practices by all parties. With the use of similar sites, indirect or unauthorized affiliates, multi-level affiliate structures, and more, thoroughly policing the world wide web is unlikely. An Orchid Otter makes reasonable efforts to ensure associated affiliates comply with policies stated and represent the products and services consistent with the guidelines presented. However, An Orchid Otter cannot always guarantee these other entities will do so. You are always free to report concerns or abuses via the Contact information.

Customer Care

An Orchid Otter’s role in briefing you on products and services other than our own is simply as a liaison. No support or customer service is provided for those items. You must contact the owner or provider of those products and services to have any and all questions answered before purchasing.

NOTICE for CHANGE: The contents of this page might change over time. Accordingly, this page could read differently at any time. These changes are necessitated, and carried out by An Orchid Otter, in order to protect you and the website. If this is important to you, you should check back frequently since no additional notices of changed content will be provided at any time.

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