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A New Approach to Web Design

Now more than ever, a website’s speed and mobile performance are just as important as its content to rank effectively with search engines.

Google is changing its playing field yet again. And those who change with google will be in the best place to rank highest in the search engine. What is Google up to now?

Google wants to see mobile sites load in under 3 seconds. The average load time in 2018 was 15.3 seconds. More than 5 times slower than what google is now ranking high for! Let that sink in…most likely your site is 5 times slower than the new requirement google is adding to its algorithm for high ranking.

If you don’t adapt and build your site for 2019 forward to be mobile ready and very, very, very, very, very fast as well as contain great content, including videos, YOU WILL GET LEFT BEHIND.

What Does This Mean For You?

It impacts you. So, you must:

    • * ADAPT.
    • * SPEED UP your website.
    • * Make it 100% MOBILE.
    • * Provide GREAT CONTENT, including VIDEOS.

But wait…don’t videos slow down the speed of websites? Yes they do. So now, to rank high in the search engines, above your competitors, you have to:

    • * have an INSANELY FAST website,
    • * include content that SLOWS DOWN the website,
    • * and MAKE IT LOOK AWESOME on ALL MOBILE devices.

What the *#!!

Feeling like you just got all your ducks in a row but you have just been run over by a Mack Truck?

Did you just finish your website?

Or maybe it has been done for awhile and currently you must concentrate on other important business tasks.

You don’t have time to spend on revamping your website.

    • * The time needed to figure out how to make it load within 3 seconds,
    • * make it 100% mobile-friendly,
    • * and add the latest content—VIDEO—that is proven to increase conversions by 80%! (How do you even make a video?)

Precious time you need for other things!

Yet once again you find yourself having to re-do your website just to stay ahead of your competition.

All this again, when you have so many other necessary tasks to do just to stay in business.

Why Mobile?

Save Your Business ... but How?

What would you do if you were told there is a simple and relatively fast solution? Well, act on it I hope.

What every website from 2019 forward needs:

    • * ENSURE it is mobile-friendly for ALL DEVICES, and
    • * Include CONVERSION CONTENT including video.

It Happened July 1, 2019?

There is no way around this conundrum. It is happening now and you need to adapt!

Here is an excerpt from about Google’s mobile-first indexing:

“Google’s Mobile-First Indexing is Now Default for New Domains.”

“Google is enabling mobile-first indexing (crawling sites with a mobile user-agent) by default for new domains as of July 1, 2019. These are sites Google defines as ‘previously unknown’ to Google Search”.

“After successfully ramping up mobile-first indexing from a small-scale experiment a few years ago, making it the default for new domains should be a good test for evaluating how aggressively it can be rolled out in the future.”

Your site has already been crawled by google’s new algorithmmobile-first indexing.

Since July 1, 2019 Google has been crawling sites with a mobile user-agent…a new default ranking algorithm.

And it is looking at your site.

Is Your Website Currently Ranking with Google?

This question begs one simple answer. NO…if your site is not mobile-first AND loading in 3 seconds!

So for months now you have not been ranking.


No first page ranking, second page ranking, or even third page ranking for your business.

And you know no one, including yourself, goes beyond page two of the search results.

So your site does NOT meet google’s new requirements, so YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RANK!


A Future for Your Business?

By now you should be asking yourself, “How do I keep up with, and stay competitive with Google’s Mobile-First changes?

If you’re not already asking this, you should start. The future of your business depends on it!

Websites Have a Serious Flaw!

Even if your website is mobile friendly it has a serious flaw.

A flaw?

Mobile-Responsive / Mobile-Friendly

Yes, almost every website is first built as “desktop first” and then the elements of the website are manipulated to fit smaller screens afterwards.

This is “mobile-responsive” or “mobile-friendly” website design.

And these types of sites are just not fast enough.

Plus, these sites have many “pull your hair out” issues…SUCH AS:

Where did that “thing-a-ma-jig” go?

An item in one place on your desktop is in a totally different place on a phone.

And in yet another place on a tablet.

And another on a different sized tablet!

What is going on with the text?

It doesn’t fit anymore.

The text is flowing out the edge of the phone!

Where is the video?

I know there was a video here.

Why can’t I get it to play?

I have to code what?

Go to your desktop and pull up your website. Then get your phone and do the same. Check it out now…before you get distracted by something else. 

Become Mobile-First

You can no longer afford to be just “good enough”!

And by now I am sure you are over the frustration all this causes.

    • *Going back and reshape the website design yet again!
    • * Where to start?
    • *How do you get your website to load in 3 seconds? With so much going on in the background how can it possibly load within 3 seconds?

The New Approach

Building your website is a directly reverse method to the current way. The website is designed with the layout for mobile devices first and the desktop version is developed from it.
    • *When you start with the smallest device first, you add only the most important information so the screen is not cluttered and confusing.
    • * Then as the screen gets bigger you add more information. The “not as important but nice to have” information.
    • * This ensures everything fits together as it should.
    • * The website is built for each size screen, instead of trying to shrink a larger site into a smaller screen.
The finished product is a site for mobile devices and a site for PCs. All wrapped into one with the appropriate website being called and displayed for the associated device. Desktop Website Coffee Cafe

Included with All Website Builds

How Do I Get This?


    1. You provide your most important information. This is what goes on the mobile devices.
    2. You provide “nice to have” information and this goes on the desktop along with the mobile information.
    3. I make your mobile first and desktop website from this respective content.

NOTE: If you want your current website information, layout, and format to stay the same, this information is used for the desktop. You just need to highlight the most critical parts for the mobile.

With just a few hours from you, your end-product is a website that is completely mobile compliant.

It WILL load in 3 seconds AND look great on the smallest mobile device up to a desktop.

But I Don't Have a Web Site!

If you don’t have a website or you are just in the designing phase?

That is GREAT! That means you can start with mobile first.

    1. Provide the information you want, highlighting the most important.
    2. I create your mobile first website and desktop version.

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Mobile-friendly for phones and tablets as well as desktops, with video to engage and convert your visitors from looky-lews to buyers and subscribers.

Ranking with google’s new algorithm places you far ahead of your competition. And in 2019 and forward, that is a great place to be.

Current Website Project

The website owner gave me permission to display this sample image.

Note that the website is not finished.

However, it only took me 1 day to create the initial site. I am currently waiting on information from the client.

Estimated time to finish is 2 more days, plus an additional day for final updates.

These are fast to build, resulting in superb end-products.

NOTE: Time to build depends on number of pages, graphics, videos, and requirements. Time to build is different for each client.

Current Mobile Website Project

Mobile-First Website Examples

These are just three samples from many mobile-first websites that can be designed.

ALL niches and businesses are represented. Get AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITION by being the first to convert your existing website or create a new one to be mobile and fast loading.

Get recognized by the new Google search algorithm and be placed in first page position.

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