Procedure for Creating Media

Info About Your "Otter Tails" Purchase

Thank you for filling out the Description form.

Check your email for a standard work-for-hire contract. It must be signed and returned to Orchid Otter Media at This must be done BEFORE any work will be started.

How to Proceed

Please use the following procedure when contracting for media creation:

  • Send all inquiries and media to
  • All questions will be addressed verbally via the phone number you provided on the form. A summary of the question answers will be sent via a follow-up email to the email address you provided on the form. Sign-off on all changes is required at each step.
  • Media will be sent to the email you provided on the form.
  • Designing your project starts after reviewing the information on the form and after receiving the signed work-for-hire contract. If I have any questions I will call you at the number you provided to discuss.
  • Pending no questions or questions that are simple to resolve, for single graphic purchases, I will have the first iteration to you within 24 hours.
  • For graphics packages I will send each graphic as it is created. This allows you time to go over each graphic and make any revisions.
  • HOLD ALL GRAPHICS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE THE LAST ONE. Once you have received ALL graphics for the topic, make all necessary revisions and send back as a package. Return email is
  • For websites, after reviewing the information and receiving the signed work-for-hire contract I will call you at the number provided to discuss.

Additional Information

A copy of the signed work-for-hire contract will be sent to you for your records.

Orchid Otter Media appreciates your business. You have many choices when purchasing products so again, thank you for choosing Orchid Otter Media.

It is my goal to retain happy customers for future business. I hope, after receiving your custom media, you come back to visit for all your graphics, videos, and mobile-first and WordPress websites.

If you want to order more custom work, go back to the Pricing page.

Looking forward to working with you…

An Orchid Otter and Staff